The Best Ways To Dust Your House


Dusting your home is a simple process you must take quite seriously as you work. There are four basic methods to use when dusting, and you may use each of them as you clean up. You may dust your home to cleanliness every week using a few basic techniques, and you will enjoy cleaning your house knowing each of the techniques works.

#1: The Feather Duster

You may use a feather duster any time you clean your home, but you must ensure you have cleaned it off in a waste bin before starting again. The feather duster uses static to pick up dust, and it clings to the duster until you clean it off. You must dust gently as you walk about the house, and you may cover each room in just a few minutes.

#2: Using A Cloth

Dusting with a cloth is easier when you have dust caked onto certain surfaces. You will see the dust wiped away as you clean, and you may pick everything up easily as you walk from room to room. The rooms you enter have dust sitting on shelves and counters where it has built up, and you must ensure you have a cloth with you when you know the dust is simply too thick.

#3: Using A Spray

Using a spray in the house helps break up dust, and you will smell a light scent in the house as you use it. You will infuse the house with the nice odor you enjoy, and you may do this once a week to keep the scent in the air. It is quite simple to use a spray when you have a large home that will go stale quickly.

#4: Mopping The Floor

Your hardwood floors will take on dust easily, and you must mop them clean to ensure they will be clear of all the dust that sits there. You have floors that do not show their dust because they are so far below you, but you must make an effort to mop with a solvent that will leave the floor clean and fresh.

Dusting your home need not be a complex process. You may clean up with a feather duster, mop, spray or cloth, and the house will come clean in ways that you once thought impossible. Dust the house at least once a week with your preferred method, and you will breathe easy.


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Tips and Tricks to Cleaning Bathroom Tile Better

Clean, shiny tile in the bathroom makes all the difference between a bright, sparkly bath and a drab, unsanitary one; however, it can also be the most daunting task to achieve. When cleaning your bathroom, simply employ these three tips and tricks to help clean your bathroom tile better.

Select the Right Cleanser

Cleaning the shower requires different methods and cleaning products than cleaning the toilet and sink. For example, all purpose cleaners are designed to remove light dirt and film, while products such as Scrubbing Bubbles foaming cleaners are specially formulated for more tougher jobs, such as removing soap scum and water spots from tile. Or for a more natural tile cleaner, try a simple vinegar solution.

Clean the tile using a cleansing cloth. For more stubborn residue, use an abrasive scrubber, such as a scrubbing sponge or a steel wool soap pad. Rinse clean. A removable shower head allows you to rinse the tile off quickly and cleanly. Or, if you’d like, invest in a removable rubber shower head to do the trick.

Use a Brush to Clean the Grout

No matter how shiny your tiles are, if the grout is dirty, it will still look unsightly.

Saturate the grout with a specially formulated product, or try a simple solution of baking soda and vinegar. Allow the solution to sit for two to three minutes, but not much longer, or the dirt will settle back into the grout.

Use a grout or other small brush to gently scrub the dirt from the grout. If need be, keep a small cup of clean water handy to rinse the brush. However, avoid using too much water because the more you allow the solution to work the less scrubbing you will have to do.

Wipe away the dirt using a cleansing cloth, then clean the tile as usual.

Finish with a Glossy Shine

For added shine, buff the tiles using a microfiber cloth, which will give your tiles a glossy finish. Or, if you’d like, employ a trick that some housekeepers use. Spray lemon oil or furniture polish over the tiles, then use a soft, microfiber cloth to buff the surface to a shine.

Routine care and maintenance of your tile will go along way towards prolonging the shine of your tile, so be sure to clean your tiles regularly. Soap scum and water spots, left untreated, can harden and eventually give way to mildew and mold, which can make your cleaning task even harder.

10 Things I Need to Clean Before Christmas


With the holidays just around the corner, I know there are several spots around my home I need to clean.1. My Oven

I want my house to smell like the delicious cookies and pies I’ll be baking, not smoke from a dirty oven. Time to put in a little elbow grease and get some help from baking soda.

2. My Furnace Filter

As the weather gets colder, I’ll want to make sure my heat is running as efficiently as possible. A fresh air filter or clean air filter will pull any dust out of the air and keep things running nicely.

3. My Home’s Carpet

The weather outside is frightful. I think I’ll keep my carpets delightful by scheduling a cleaning before family arrives.

4. Behind My Fridge

Cleaning behind the fridge will keep my kitchen clean and everything in working order. Plus, I won’t have to think about it again until after the holidays.

5. Inside the Fridge

I want to keep visions of sugarplums dancing in my head. Time to check expiration dates and wipe everything down. With all that new space I will have room for all of the extra goodies I’ll be making.

6. My Good China

When guests come calling I can pull out the Christmas china with confidence, knowing I have everything a good washing with soap and water.

7. The Filter on my Range Hood

Pulling out filters isn’t restricted to spring cleaning. The holidays are a great time to give that filter a touch-up. A little bit of baking soda and hot, soapy water will do the trick nicely.

8. The Far Reaches of My Closet

Since I’m likely to be hiding a few packages in the back of my closet, I think I’ll clean it up while I’m back there. I can just make sure everything is in its proper place and then dust with a soft cloth. I also like to throw a scent sachet back there to keep everything smelling great.

9. Kitchen Cracks and Crevices

It can be so easy to ignore that little crack around the sink or next to the stove. I’m going to pull on the old rubber gloves, grab an old toothbrush and really get to scrubbing. They’ll sparkle like new all through the season.

10. The Baseboards

I want my home smelling fresh when guests arrive. Cleaning my baseboards is a great way to ensure that everything feels and smells clean.

Bonus Home Tip:  Windows!  Have a Professional Replace Windows This is the best time to do it since winter and cold weather has arrived!

How to Clean the Inside of Your Home Efficiently


Keeping a clean and tidy house can be a challenge for busy families! Here are a few helpful tips and tricks to efficiently keep your home tidy and clean.
Sticking to a schedule is key! Find a routine that works for you as you complete these daily tasks.
1. Make the beds first thing in the morning. Train your kids to do the same and you will save even more time.
2. Quickly sweep the floors and tidy up by putting things like shoes, bags, books, and toys where they belong. Do this all at once, top to bottom, with the help of your kids, so you are not running from room to room wasting time and energy.
3. Load the dishwasher every night after dinner and empty it in the morning. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight. Waking up to a tidy kitchen is a nice start to the day!
4. Do one load of laundry every day- if you have a family, this will help control the piles of dirty laundry that appear overnight!

1. Deep vacuuming in all rooms. This is a deep clean, so be sure to work under and in the furniture. Start upstairs and work your way down.
2. Wipe kitchen cabinets, appliances, etc. and mop the floor. Again, this is a deep clean so move all the counter appliances and gadgets to clean under them.
3. Give the bathroom a deep clean by spraying the showers (don’t forget the shower curtain), toilet, and counters with your preferred cleaner. Let the cleaner work for a few minutes and then wipe everything down. Don’t forget to clean the surfaces of the toilet, not just the inside of the bowl.

This may all seem daunting, but it helps to have a schedule to keep things on track. For example, if you know that you do not have time of the weekends to spend 2 hours working on the weekly tasks, pick one each day to do during the week. After the daily chores are done, spend half an hour doing one of the weekly chores. Here is a possible list:
-Monday- Kitchen
-Wednesday- Bathrooms
– Friday- Bedrooms and living rooms.

-Hire a Carpet Cleaner every 6 -12 Months depending on family size and the wear and tear the carpet gets.

Spreading these deeper cleaning activities throughout the week will not seem overwhelming if you keep remember to work on the daily chores as well!

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It’s Time to Hire a Maid


Working moms know that it’s nearly impossible to keep a clean house on a daily basis. You can’t trust your kids or your husband to keep it neat and tidy the way you like it, even when you’ve left specific instructions on what to do. You’d go home and do it yourself, but you’re also thinking about dinner, homework, baths, bedtime, spouse time and maybe some time for yourself. Even Superwoman can be worn out. So what’s the solution? The house has to get cleaned and you have to go work, the solution might be hiring a maid. Before you shoot the idea down of someone else keeping YOUR home clean, consider a few reasons why you should.

Go! Go! Go!

You’re busy…really busy. After you hit the door, your kids are hitting you with their day and their needs. Your husband may or may not be at home, either way he’s probably not of any help. You still haven’t decompressed but you’re already being bombarded with questions about dinner. By the time the kids and your husband are settled, you STILL haven’t decompressed OR cleaned the house.


Imagine coming home and actually…relaxing! Catch your breath for a moment and enjoy your clean home. Clean kitchen, clean living room, clean bathrooms and a clean bedroom! Trust me, there is nothing more inviting than a made bed. Coming home to a clean home is therapeutic.

Tools of the Trade

Cleaning services have professional grade equipment and cleaning products. They are going to be able to clean your home deeper than you ever will. Want that model home look? You’re going to need those model home cleaning products.

This Is What They Do

It’s a maid’s job to clean. That is what they’re paid to do. So when they come to your home, based on the cleaning plan and schedule you’ve set, that is what they are going to do. That is all they are going to do.

I know the idea of someone else coming into your home and dealing with your dirt and grime might feel intrusive. Consider this, there is probably worse out there, and you can believe they’ve probably cleaned it. Cops don’t blush around criminals and teachers don’t shy away from students. Maids won’t quit from dirt.

Keeping Your Home Clean With a Professional Carpet Cleaning


You are walking through your home after you’ve just given it a complete going over and a thorough clean up. All the shiny surfaces are sparkling; even the not so shiny one look just as nice, it smells lovely, and it’s so clean you could practically eat off the floor! But wait! That’s when you notice it, your carpet. It doesn’t look bad, but you can see faint marks from old spills, around the heavy traffic areas, a little bit of discoloration in the heavy traffic areas. But before you decide you need to buy new carpet, how about you get your carpet steam cleaned? There are a number of reasons you’d want to do this.

It is of course a lot cheaper to pay for an amazing steam clean than it is to buy brand new carpet! Add up the price of the carpet plus the cost of installation, removing the old and spent carpet, then a steam clean sounds like a very good idea! It is also a good idea for health reasons, too! Let me explain. Let’s say someone in the household suffers from allergies, or has a sensitive nose, getting a good deep clean will remove most things that may be aggravating them. IE, dander spores, dust, etc. When you get your carpet steam cleaned, the result can be carpet that looks and smells like brand new carpet! If you were a person who likes to keep things neat and tidy than getting your carpet to look and smell clean and fresh would be exactly what the doctor ordered. Another major benefit of having your carpet steam cleaned is that over time with multiple cleanings, it helps your carpet to last longer as well as maintain the standard of clean that any tidy person worth their salt would appreciate.

So, when you are cleaning your home next, you will want to add cleaning the carpets as they will help to make everything look brand new. After all, to get your carpets cleaned is fairly affordable and a great addition to your home cleaning routine. Your lovely place will definitely sparkle from top to bottom, and with such a simple addition, you can add a lovely fresh aroma to your home and for that guest whom I mentioned earlier that may perhaps suffer from allergies, you won’t hear the smallest complaint. So, what ‘s stopping you from doing so?

Carpet Selection: 5 Things You Must Know




There are a numerous amount of ways you can enhance the interior designing aspects of your home property. There are a vast array of homeowners who do not pay particular attention to the interior designing elements of their property. This is a major setback for them if they are potentially looking to sell their property. This is true because a homeowner will usually have potential buyers enter their home to take a look at how everything is inside. No potential buyer will want to invest in a home that doesn’t necessarily appeal to them. When the interior designing elements of one’s home is looking nice, trendy and classy, they are able to present the property with pride in knowing that it is appealing for anyone who wants to be the next owner. However, there are certain aspects of one’s home interior designing one should be aware of.

There are many different aspects of interior designing. A home’s carpeting may be considered as being one of the most important. Upon walking inside a home, one of the most noticeable things is the flooring, whether it be tiles or carpeting. There are no doubts about the fact that having carpeting in one’s home can add a significant amount of comfort for the residents. Stepping on carpeting allows residents to have a soothing feeling when walking on the ground, as opposed to feeling hardness underneath one’s feet. However, tiles are utilized in kitchens and near porches as there are more chances of dirt being placed on the surface, either from the outdoors or food spills/splattering from cooking. What about the rest of the home? Carpeting is the most sought after forms of floor covering. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not know where to begin when it comes to browsing for carpeting. Let’s take a look at what one should look for prior to investing in carpeting for their home.

A homeowner should choose their carpeting based on its surrounding interior designing elements. Balance and unity are essential principles of interior designing that should never be ignored as it can make things inside look very awkward. Also, the quality of one’s carpet threads should be made to a point where it will not rip apart when walking on it. There are many carpet types on the market that are not made of quality materials. Be sure to choose your carpeting based on its quality more than anything else as it can have a major impact on the overall value of your property. Is the carpet easy to clean? Or will you be worried about it becoming damaged after adding the smallest amounts of shampoo onto it? Quality of carpeting always matters! Contact the right group of professionals to have the best carpeting installed into your home today.

12 Ways to Incorporate Carpet in a Room’s Design

The carpeting in your home, especially in your own personal room, says a lot about you as an individual. Luckily, there are a ton of ways to incorporate your own individualistic design to your carpeting, which will make your room pop. Here are twelve of the best ways you can use carpeting design to make your room look great.

Designs: Rather than just having regular, uniformed carpeting in your room, you can customize it by adding in various patterns and designs.

Several Colors: Many rooms have colors that are themed throughout, although a lot of rooms will use several colors, such as green and blue, or black and white. In these rooms, your carpeting can make your room match up perfectly by having two toned carpeting, with each of your two themed colors.

Sectioned Carpeting: Rather than having your entire room carpeted, you may want to consider having sections of the room carpeted, which can look great with the backdrop of hard wood floors or tiling,

Animal Skin Designs: Whether you love cheetah pattern, zebra patterns, or anything else, you can absolutely incorporate this into your carpet, giving a very personalized feel to your room.

Bright Colors: Although many people think of carpeting as being neutral, feel free to bring vibrant coloring into your home.

Plant Themed Carpeting: There is no question that adding some plants in the room can make it feel great, but by adding carpeting that has plants stitched into the carpeting, you can add the feeling of being outdoors, while not having to deal with watering actual plants.

Beach Themes: Beaches represent a time when most people feel extremely relaxed, usually when they are sipping a beverage on a vacation in a tropical paradise. You can bring this to your room by adding in beach themed carpeting, complete with waves, fish, or anything else you can think of that represents the ocean.

Matching: It is always a good idea to match your carpeting to the other items in a room, so you should keep this in mind when looking for carpeting and attempt to match them up.

Random Designs: If you have a quirky personality, you might want get carpeting that has a bunch of various random designs.

Tile Designs: Carpeting that is made with tile patterns is great if you want that comfortable carpet feel with a tile look.

Gaming Themed: If you are a gamer, you can absolutely find carpet that is made specifically for gamers, with popular designs and images featured.

Movie and Hobby Based Carpeting: If you love major movies such as Star Wars, or other major pop culture based shows or series, you can definitely find carpeting that contains these themes.

healthy lifestyle: keeping your home clean include why to get a professional carpet cleaning


A healthy mind in a healthy body. This saying has long been the aim for many people. People wish to stay in shape, keep their minds sharp at all times and in general function for as long as possible no matter what their age. Part of keeping a healthy mind and a healthy body as well is the ability to have an environment that is clean at all times. A healthy environment is typically a clean environment where all is in order and free from dirt and debris that may impede the functioning of a house and make it hard for the homeowner to carry out important daily tasks.

Many busy professionals want a house that is as clean as possible. A clean house is an inviting house. This allows the professional to be easily able to entertain business clients and provide them with a welcoming place to enjoy a good meal. Many busy professionals find that it is hard to fit cleaning into their daily lives. This is why they look for professional help when it comes to keeping their carpets and homes clean and fresh.

A clean and fresh carpet can be one of the best ways to make any house feel inviting and warm. Carpets can easily accumulate dirt each day as people walk on them from the outside. A carpet that is less than appealing can make the entire house feel dingy. This is why it is important to make sure that all of one’s carpets are always kept in the best shape possible.

A professional carpet cleaning service is one that is run by professionals with years of background in the field. Professional carpet cleaners know exactly how to remove any dirt and stains from even the oldest carpet. The professional can take one look at the carpet and figure out how best to revive it so that looks like new. When a carpet is cleaned, this also helps remove any particles that may have settled inside the fibers of the item. Removing such particles can have all kinds of benefits including a reduction in potential allergies as well as helping the carpet look more colorful and even making it feel softer. This can help the owner of the house enjoy a house that is cleaner and far less likely to trigger allergies. Check out a Carpet Cleaner San Jose CA site

8 tips for homeowners to help with choosing carpet for their homes


Choosing the carpeting for your home can be a difficult process, as there are a ton of things that you are going to have to consider when making your selection. Here is a list of eight of the top tips that you can utilize when trying to decide which type of carpeting is right for your home.

1. Color: The most obvious thing that people think about when picking carpet is the coloring that they want in their home. This is going to come down to a personal preference, although you should absolutely consider the fact that lighter colors show more dirt, which can play a huge role in the equation.

2. Matching: When you are getting new carpeting, you likely already have furniture or other things in the house that you would like to match the carpeting to. This is one of the most important aspects, as you do not want to invest a lot of money in carpeting that doesn’t look good with the rest of the home.

3. Length of Carpeting: There are a ton of different lengths that you can choose from, from very shaggy carpeting, all the way down to very short strands. This is going to affect the feel greatly, but again it is a personal preference.

4. Stains: Spilling is a part of life and no matter how careful you are chances are that you are going to get stains on your carpeting from one thing or another. Picking darker colors will make it a lot easier to fix stains.

5. Pets: If you have pets, you might want to go with shorter carpeting, due to the fact that pet hair and dandruff will likely get way down into longer and thicker carpeting, which can cause allergies and other problems to people living in the home.

6. Material: There are various types of material that you can purchase, which can only be selected by testing out a bunch of samples at a carpeting store and again, comes down to your personal taste.

7. Stairs: If you have stairs in your home, you are going to have to discuss this with the business you are purchasing your carpeting from and select a type of carpeting that works well with stairs, as they generally wear out faster than other areas.

8 Price: Price is probably the biggest factor for most people. There are various companies out there that are trying to push mediocre products for high prices and other companies that feature great deals. The best way that you can find out how reputable a company is, is by doing some research online and looking up the various ratings and reviews that are likely on the internet.  *Make Sure you keep carpets cleaned to keep your warranties as well, check out some more information on this Concord CA Cleaning Site.

Tips For Buying Carpeting For Your Home


Selecting the carpeting in your home is never a matter that you should take lightly. It’s a true commitment, after all. Not only is carpeting rather costly to purchase, but it can also be rather time-consuming to install. When people take the time to buy new carpeting, they generally expect it to last for years and years, and understandably so. Carpet replacement is a pricey project. This is why it’s so important to be careful and select carpeting that you truly believe is appropriate for your residence. If you’re patient and diligent, however, selecting the right carpeting can actually be a relatively simple and stress-free process.

First and foremost, think about available carpet styles, as there are many of them. Frieze, textured and plush are just a few examples. Not only is it important to determine which style you like best appearance-wise, but it’s also important to think about which style may work the best with your specific lifestyle. Plush carpeting is created using twisted pile and has a pleasantly fluffy feel. Although the feel of plush carpeting is indeed welcoming, it has its downsides too, namely that footprints appear very easily on them. If your household is full of youngsters who like to run around, plush carpet may not be the most practical option for you. Berber carpeting may actually be more suited to you, as it’s highly durable. Stains, dirt and tracks don’t appear easily on this type of carpet.

Carpet price is yet another vital consideration. When you’re looking for the right carpet for your residence, pricing matters are always crucial. Although higher prices frequently signify superior quality in carpeting, there are definitely some exceptions. Attractive and fashionable carpets, for example, can often be extremely expensive. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re first-rate options, however. Chic carpets are sometimes produced using poor fibers that are in no way durable or strong — the last thing you need out of any home carpeting. This is why it’s crucial for you to be patient when you shop for carpet. Never ever assume that expensive prices equal stellar quality. In many cases, they don’t.

When you’re shopping for carpeting, the more options the merrier. Take your time and look through as many choices in carpeting as are available to you. The more options you see, the better equipped you’ll be to make a strong decision that truly works for you and your home. If you’re impatient and rash, you could risk making an impulse decision that you truly regret later on down the line. You don’t want to risk spending your hard-earned money on residential carpeting that is all style and no substance. Patience is always the way to go.  Make sure you have carpets professionally cleaned as well to keep warranties.

Benefits To Hiring A Professional Carpet Cleaner For Less


Trying to clean your carpets on your own is sometimes not the best idea to make. It’s often regarded as a good choice because people think that they will be saving money. Of course, it will cost you hundreds of extra dollars if you decide to use a professional carpet cleaner, but you also have to consider what it will cost in the long run if you are unable to do a proper job. Here are some tips on hiring professional carpet cleaners that can help you get the job done for a reasonable price.



If you want to save money using professional carpet cleaners, the best thing that you can do is search in the Yellow Pages. Not only do they advertise their business, they will also provide coupons that will allow you to have significant savings on the professional services that they provide. You can also find coupons on the web, and many other locations, simply by utilizing search engines the right way. If you want to search for a particular company, always include that in your keyword search so that you can find the discounts you are searching for.


Best Choices For Professional Carpet Cleaners


The choices that you make for a professional carpet cleaner are going to be limited to what is available in your area. You can choose between the ones that offer steam cleaning and those that have chemical or chem dry capabilities. The price is going to vary from company to company, which is why you need to compare ones that are available. By doing this, you will be able to get your carpets cleaned by professional that will know exactly what to do regardless of the stains that you have and save money by using them next time you need your carpets cleaned.

How Does The Pet Dander In Our Carpets Effect Our Home?

We all want to live with the quality carpet that our house had when we first moved in.This can be next to impossible if you have a four-legged creature rooming around. Well, there are solutions to this problem, and these solutions are important. If you pay attention, you can find out all the reasons why extinguishing pet dander is such a great idea.

Pet dander can cause an odor in the home. Haven’t you noticed when you go over to someone’s house and they just have that cat smell going on? this is because the dander from their pets has been caught in the carpet. It might even be a seemingly clean home that you are in that has this smell. That’s because pet dander can hide, and sink into the carpet. A professional carpet cleaning company can take care of this problem.  Carpet Cleaning Long Beach

Pet dander can cause health problems Worried about having a guest over that’s allergic to your type of pet? This can be easily solved when you take the proper measures to clean up after your critter. Did you know fleas love living in your carpet? They get introduced to your carpet through the dander on your pets. This too, can create medical problems for humans.

Pet dander, if it builds up, can also change the color of your carpet. It doesn’t take that long to happen, but it can be prevented. The only thing needed is regular vacuuming. This will put up the pet dander before it gets really ingrained into your carpet.

I hope you take all the measures needed to get yourself a clean, happy home. Taking care of the pet dander problem is a great way to have your home smell the way you want it to smell, not the way your pet does.

Carpet Cleaning World

Random facts about carpet cleaning!

1- The Norwalk virus can survive on carpets.
2 – The oldest carpet is 2,000 years old and is in Siberia.
3 – 7 pounds of dirt accumulates on your carpet yearly.
4 – People shed 1.5 million skin flakes an hour. YUCK!
5 – 43 million tons of dust falls on us every year…it’s proven that indoor air is dirtier…think about that?
6 – sprinkle salt on your carpet and wait a bit then vacuum and it will make your carpet brighter!
7 – carpet near fireplaces are the best places for germs to grow.
8 – dust mites eat dead skin flakes.
9 – Melville Bissell invented the “carpet sweeper”
10 – carpet beetles, bed bugs and such are real!

Want more fun info go to: or   Carpet Cleaning Palmetto FL

Carpet Cleaning World

Professional Carpet Cleaners can help give you tips and tricks on carpet needs.  If stains occur here are the main things DON’T SCRUB, DON’T LET SIT, AND DON’T ADD A TON OF WATER! This will make the stain worse and may spread through out room and go into the carpet pad.

It’s very difficult to get out stains and that’s why it’s so extremely important that they are attacked when the spill happens. There are a lot of house hold cleaning agents like peroxide, baking soda, vinegar, dish detergent, and more! Be careful with anything you buy so it doesn’t change dyes in the carpet.

Here’s some more information. They have a great carpet cleaning blog page that hits on a lot of common issues.

Indian fridge organization / Tips for cleaning refridgerator / Tamil vlog

Indian fridge organization / Tips for cleaning refridgerator / Tamil vlog

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Easy Grout bathtub cleaning tip!- Mamiposa26

Easy Grout bathtub cleaning tip!- Mamiposa26

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Cleaning Your Games – Tips & Tricks for Cartridges & CD/DVD

Cleaning Your Games – Tips & Tricks for Cartridges & CD/DVD

Kelsey tells us her tips & tricks for cleaning dirty games, both cartridges and CD/DVD based. This includes cleaning the pins and removing nasty stickers and dirt! Plus we discuss disc rot and other topics all too familiar with game collectors!


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Kitchen Organizing Tips Part 2 (Closer look – Kitchen Cabinets,Appliances and Cleaning tips)

Kitchen Organizing Tips Part 2 (Closer look – Kitchen Cabinets,Appliances and Cleaning tips)

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FTC Disclaimer: I feel so lucky to call Youtube my job. If I partner with a company I will always disclose it here. Please know my relationship with my viewers is of the utmost importance to me and all opinions and reviews that I share are my own.
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THANK YOU to every single one of you for being supportive and watching my channel, its appreciated more than you’ll ever know! Like and SUBSCRIBE for more ♡



These Best Cleaning tips all while using baking soda. Clean with me in todays video by using east tips that can change the way you clean! All of these cleaning tips are inexpensive and super easy! If you liked this clean with me video give its a thumbs up and let me know which tip you are going to try out in 2017!
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THANK YOU to every single one of you for being so supportive and watching my channel, it means more than you will ever know! I truly feel like you are part of my family and for this Im so grateful!

FTC Disclaimer: I feel so lucky to call Youtube my job. If I partner with a company I will always disclose it here. Please know my relationship with my viewers is of the utmost importance to me and all opinions and reviews that I share are my own.
*This video is NOT sponsored!*

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THANK YOU to every single one of you for being supportive and watching my channel, its appreciated more than you’ll ever know! Like and SUBSCRIBE for more ♡



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ചക്കക്കുരു എളുപ്പത്തിൽ തൊലി കളയുന്ന വിധം Jackfruit Seeds Cleaning Tips And Benefits

ചക്കക്കുരു എളുപ്പത്തിൽ തൊലി കളയുന്ന വിധം Jackfruit Seeds Cleaning Tips And Benefits

ചക്കക്കുരു എളുപ്പത്തിൽ തൊലി കളയുന്ന വിധം Jackfruit Seeds Cleaning Tips And Benefits

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Spring Cleaning Kitchen Tips

Spring Cleaning Kitchen Tips

sharing spring cleaning tips in the kitchen today. Come along with me as I start spring cleaning.
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Weller® Soldering Iron Tip Cleaning

Weller® Soldering Iron Tip Cleaning

Above is an informative video on how to clean your soldering tip from leading brand in professional-quality soldering equipment since 1945. In addition to its famous irons and soldering guns, Weller® is also recognized as a leader in advanced electronic rework and repair equipment and irons for sophisticated industrial applications, as well as numerous products for DIYers and hobbyists.

Weller® – Bring The Heat.